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"She had a wild, wandering loving soul but when she loved...
she loved with chaos
& that made all the difference."
-Ariana Dancu 

Well.. look whom we have here! Hi handsome, I'm My. M.B for short or your soon-to-be favorite lady! Originally from the Midwest, raised in the South as a child, and living the big city life with Southern belle morals and hospitality. A mixture of sweetness, sass, self-awareness, and sensuality. I'm what some have called a petite delicacy. My natural nurturing warmth, love for travel, adventure, and exploring all life has to offer can't be denied!  I am one who appreciates honesty, transparency, and reciprocity. I value authentic connections where the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm are undeniable and genuine. A connection... with genuine individuals, experiencing new things, seeing new places, learning, and exploring new realms. I enjoy a gentleman who appreciates all aspects of a woman's femininity, intelligence, presence, and aura so he can indulge himself with me.

As a curator of experience detailed and tailored specifically to you and only you. My smooth caramel skin will melt with your touch while my big brown eyes will talk to the depths of your soul while keeping your secrets, and making memories... whether it's for a weekend getaway or a week-long bae-cation! Our time together is just that with new realms of ecstasy to be discovered each time. I believe in living life to the fullest to the best of your potential, making every minute count, and enjoying every moment possible.  I've learned to cherish connections and genuine bonds. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and chemistry. I believe that some things are just inevitable. I am certain that things do happen FOR a reason...

Like catching your eye and attention.  You found your way here...  and you've read this far. So allow me to help you relax, release and replenish. I'm only an email away...

I'll be waiting..Mylah xo