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Image by Taisiia Shestopal

"Although some beg to differ, business must always be handled before indulging in pleasure..."

The basics must communicated, discussed and agreed upon before the fun times can begin. So let's establish the necessities beforehand so our time spent together can be uninterrupted. I am based locally between Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Screening is mandatory and non-negotiable. A 25% deposit is required to secure your desired date and time while a 50% deposit is required for FMTY's. 


Please know that any activity that occurs between two consenting adults, who are of legal age and is not to be mistaken as a contractual obligation. I reserve the right to accept or deny an agreement. 

It's Always A Pleasure

$600 (60 mins)

Let's Do Lunch 

$1,000 (90 mins) 

*preferred minimum*

Laughs, Cocktails & Then Some

$1,500 (3 hours)

*client favorite*

Wine & Dine

$2,000 (4 hours)

Breakfast In Bed 

(24 hours +)

*please inquire personally* 

Pink Theme Bouquet
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