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Our time together is exactly that, our time together. Our to time to get acquainted, learn and know each other. Explore new things, see new places, discover new realms of intimate ecstasy. My smooth, soft caramel skin, luscious lips, long legs and petite frame will melt with your touch while my big brown eyes will talk and unleash certain waters and depths you've never known. As your personal muse and lover I want you to know that I believe in cherishing time spent and knowing it is one of the most valuable things we have to not take for granted. Our moments spent together should last a lifetime even if it's for a weekend in reality. My natural, nurturing warmth, and sensual touch should give you relief with a sense of excitement and an undeniable mutual energy each and every time we meet as if it was the very first time. 


"She is a lover of intimacy and affection with gentle reminders of reassurance..."

Well hello, handsome! It's a pleasure for you to join me. While others know me as M.B. only a select few will know what is is abbreviated for... As a woman who appreciates and values authentic, genuine connections, exploring and experiencing all this world has to offer while basking in my feminine energy I'm for a particular type of man. A man that is certain of masculinity and journey in life while knowing the delicacy of a woman's femininity, presence and aura. The cravings for a lover who understands the chaos life can create yet is certain that our time spent together can release and replenish the body, mind and soul are one in a million.


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