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Can't escape the daily chaos to getaway?
Don't worry baby...

I know daily life can spiral out of nowhere and hinder us from enjoying things and people we normally would. If your schedule is booked and busy with business meetings far from your home and aways from me, don't worry baby... I got you! I'm available anywhere and anytime (maybe lol!) with proper preparation and adequate timing. Screening and a 50% deposit is required for all FMTY bookings. Specific requirements are expected if booking a FMTY and will be discussed prior to confirming a booking. Please inquire properly and communicate accordingly to avoid any miscommunications while planning such an adventure. 

FMTY Travel Rates:

6 hours- $3,500

(for travel 2 hours or less by land or air)

Overnight/All Day- $6,000

Over 24 hours 

*please inquire*

Please know that FMTY rates are not inclusive of airfare and/or hotel accommodations which are to be provided by you.

I do ask that a gift card of my selected airline of choice be sent so I can book travels personally.

I am available for Domestic & International travel

Please know screening will be intensive for new lovers and friends requesting a FMTY. 

After everything is submitted and completed I'll be on my way to be in your arms sooner than you can imagine! xoxo

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